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"Russian RTD Units & Innovative SMEs " is an English-language database on Russian RTD organisations (research institutes, universities, designing bureaus, etc.) & small and medium enterprises covering in their activities the whole range of FP6 thematic areas. This database contains detailed information about each organisation, such as its post address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail, web-site address, name of the institution head and fields of S&T activity. The information system will assist RTD organisations & SMEs from the EU Member States and Associated Countries in the search for Russian partners and consortium building within FP6/FP7 and other European research programmes.

The information for the database relating to the “Innovative SMEs” was collected in close collaboration with the Russian Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE)

A tailor-made concordance key between the FP6 thematic priority activities and relevant positions of the Russian Rubricator of S&T activities has been developed for the Search Service.

At the first step, you can select a FP6 thematic priority activity you are interested in.

At the second step, you can choose one or more relevant positions from the Russian Rubricator.

The search results provide you with detailed data on RTD Units & Innovative SMEs engaged in the selected S&T areas.

Select FP6 thematic priority:

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